It's been a spell since my last post, mainly due to a brutally busy summer, so I will try to recap only the important parts first before I get into the nonsense that no one really cares about.

In July, we moved the studio and office into a separate property which was an enormous relief. For me, it meant no longer having to convince myself and anyone who would listen that cardboard boxes can also double as furniture. While for John, it meant he would finally get his library. A library that my dad happily agreed to build for us because he likes a good project. It's a funny thing watching your husband become sweaty with excitement over putting his book and record collection into alphabetical order.  But this separation of home and office has finally allowed us to hire an employee, Lynette, who also doubles as my sister-in-law. She's an organized type and enjoys making things neat and tidy. She also washes my dirty dishes while telling me that I'm messier than a teenager (she has one, so she knows). But I don't take offense because it's nice to be told what I've suspected about myself for years. Also, I like having her around because she brings her pug 'Bella' to work and she has a knack for making the hours of printing and packing orders pass quickly with her salacious 'Outlander' recaps.

 Miss Mink will be released on January 15th and the available original artwork will be available on January 20th on my website. So, if you enjoy cats and original paintings, then please mark that date on your calendar.  And speaking of calendars, there won't be one for next year. Partly because the summer was so hectic and partly because of the hate mail we received about our previous two calendars. The paper seemed to have left some people disgruntled. So, until we can source a paper that has a fine art feel but is still cost effective, there won't be another calendar. 

We've expanded our wholesale, both with a separate wholesale website and as a vendor on 'Faire'.  If you have a shop and would like to carry our products, please get in touch and we will get you set up.

I've really gotten into 'dusty rose' this season as you can see in the above paintings. This is nothing short of a miracle since I've been off that colour ever since my mother went on a big dusty rose decorating binge when I was in grade nine. But, I think I've finally recovered from the trauma of being a goth teenager living amongst pink walls and have fully embraced the shade. So, like high waisted jeans, dusty rose is having a comeback, at least in my work.

Sometimes I get asked where my inspiration comes from and I have a hard time answering this question, but lately I've realized that a lot of it comes from walking. I walk a lot. And when you walk a lot, your mind drifts during the long minutes of nothing and the brief moments of witnessing inexplicably odd things. I recently read this article by David Sedaris on walking and it really struck a chord. What is it with people in North America yelling at pedestrians? It's not that disimiliar to our culture of online trolling. As a woman, it's often worse because the sidewalk becomes a runway and after a block or two, you begin to suspect that somehow you've unwillingly entered a beauty pageant and your appearance is up for critiquing by anyone in a car or on a bike. I've been told that I'm beautiful, asked out on dates, and otherwise been told that I'm a bitch, and that I'm ugly. But, the ugly comment came from a twelve year who was a little cross-eyed, so I tried to comfort myself with the knowledge that he was probably just looking back at his own face.  Still, the comments are better than some of the things I've seen. Like how 2017 became known as the year of the 'bloody face' where on a couple of outings I had to call 911 after encountering disorientated people with bloody faces. Eventually I concluded that it must be a Stratford thing as my friend from Toronto declared that she's never come across a single bloody face during her big city walks.

On a more personal note, we've discovered that Atticus (our one year old Cocker Spaniel) is a complete weirdo, and possibly a lower level demon. This realization came to John and I separately, then eventually to my parents who also had to conclude after several dogsits that he is indeed a weirdo and possibly a lower level demon. The list of reasons is long, but just to give an example: he's very fond of posing and looking back at his pose with admiration. That alone isn't particularly demonic, but when you combine it with one of his lengthy silent screams and his other unsettling habit of giving us the side eye, it makes for pretty creepy behaviour. He also meows sometimes which makes little sense since he doesn't interact with cats unless you count the time he was beaten up by a one armed kitten at the vet. We do love him though, even though we fully expect to see him walking on the ceiling at some point.