Robber Barronesses. A Secret Sorority. This might turn into a series, or it might not. I started off with about six paintings and lost two along the way, but I have more ideas churning away in the back of my brain. And yes, that is a tomato aspic in the top left painting, along with deviled eggs and grasshoppers (cocktail not the bug).  I can't imagine eating those things together (or at all), especially since a grasshopper is made with creme de menthe and cream and might make a good dessert but combined with tomato aspic, well, that is truly revolting. I think I've only seen one on television when Kathleen Turner's character downed them in 'Romancing the Stone' and I've had this inexplicable fascination with them ever since. I am one of those types that does enjoy a good deviled egg though and I've been excited to see them on many hipster restaurant menus lately.  I don't really know what to say about the monkey or the dancing girl lamp, just that I wish I had both.