I haven't been keeping up with my blog this year, partly because Instagram seems to be taking over and partly because of when Finnegan passed away in July, it's like the lights just went out. 

For those who have been through the death of a pet, you know what it's like. Some people compare it to losing a close friend, family member, or child, and for us, it's been the latter. John and I don't have children so Finnegan happily took the role of permanent toddler in the house. He was 'overmothered' as both John and my mother would say and if you've ever watched 'Arrested Development', you could argue that I was Lucille Bluth and he was my Buster. It might not have been the healthiest relationship to have a dog tied to the apron strings, but in my defense, nothing ever bad ever happened to him under my overly-watchful eye.

We will be getting another dog, two in fact, but it won't be for a little while longer. In the meantime, I've been painting quite a bit and I've almost finished the artwork for my next children's book 'Miss Mink' (fall 2018). The 2018 calender based on my Twelve Days at the Penny Fontaine Hotel is available in my shop (limited quantities) as well as a number of new cards, including two new Christmas cards. I have to admit, working on the Christmas cards did help my mood. It's a little hard to be a sad sack when there is something called a 'Goodie Bear' roaming the wilds of the North Pole.